Restore Your Memory Card Data !

Download Recovery Software, Free Scan.

Memory Card is not accesable? Repair your memory card and get your files back. Our software is free for download and we provide a free memory card scan. All files available for recovery are displayed in the preview window. All types of cards are supported and local hard drive as well. Download and restore your photos and files.


  • All cards: SD , XD, Micro...
  • Recover hard drive files
  • Lifetime license
  • Easy as 123.

File size - 4.7mb

Remove via control panel - software add/remove;



Recover Your Memory Card

Are you nervous for loosing your old good photographs and files? Please don’t be, we have come up with recovery software that is helpful in recovering all your PC’s and Memory cards. Download it for free, which will guide you right from the process of attaching the devices to a full recovery & backup.

It even allows you to preview free photos & files in the preview window that actually takes place after the scanning process. You don’t have to rely on the file name for verifying whether your photos can be recovered or not.


If you have SD cards

If your memory cards are of the SD card stype, please check the following software :  sd cards recovery software.



Get a chance to preview before actually buying!

With us you get a chance to download free the software and then scan the deleted or corrupted storage device of your PC. If the software detects any lost files or photos, it will display them on the preview screen. You can then purchase a licensed version and recover all your essential items.


Life time License!

It is software with a long-term benefit, as you can recover lost files & photos on SD or any other device for a life time. It is one on one license, which means a license will work for one PC only, and for an additional PC you will have to buy another license.



Why us?

Easy Process to recover you files!


To run recovery, first you need to check whether or not the SD card is inserted properly inside the memory card reader. Now go through the ‘select volume’ window, if you do not find any SD card listed in it. Click on the link ‘Refresh Drive List’ on the top right corner.


Now select scan and let it get scanned thoroughly. Remember if still SD card option doesn’t appear on the mentioned window then please refresh again.